ELD Support

As a motor carrier, our top priority is the safety of our drivers and vehicles. 

We strive to keep up with the technological progress to provide our drivers with the most convenient and advanced technology, applications, and tools for using Electronic Logbook Devices. 

We are implementing new ELD devices and Dash Cameras by Samsara. While the new ELD unit and application will provide easier and more reliable usage of electronic logbooks, the dash cameras are necessary to prevent false accusations, claims, and provide top protection to our drivers on the road. All drivers and owner operators are required to install the cameras. They are only road-facing and do not ever record any events happening inside the truck, therefore you do not have to fear for your privacy.

If you are receiving the unit by mail, please sign the ELD Control form: click here.

Below you will find necessary resources for ELD Installation, App use, and Hours of Service:

ELD Installation Video

Dash Camera Installation Video

Driver App (Android)

Driver App (Apple)

Driver App Video Tutorials

How do I use the App to Log my Hours?

How many hours a day can I drive?

Any issues? Click here to call Support!

ELD App Instructions

Please refer to the following image for instructions on how to use your ELD Application daily:

HOS Support

Refer to the following image for general Hours of Service Rules and Regulations:

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