Domain Freight offers several options in assisting owner operators and fleet owners with obtaining apportioned license plates for their trucks. Commercial vehicle registration is provided under an IRP Account (International Registration Plan). Truck owners can get their own IRP Account set up, or place their vehicles under Domain Freight’s IRP Account. To determine which option is better for you, please refer to the following information:

Options for NON-Florida residents:

1. Set up your own IRP Account in your state (Domain Freight is unable to offer assistance with set up)

2. Place your truck under Domain Freight IRP Account in the state of Florida (we take care of the entire set up process)

Options for Florida residents:

1. Set up your own IRP Account in your state (Domain Freight can offer assistance with set up or you can do it on your own)

2. Place your truck under Domain Freight IRP Account (we take care of the entire set up process)

The cost:

  • Total annual cost of an apportioned license plate is approximately $1,800-1,900 per truck, and is determined by the Department of Motor Vehicles upon registration process. If truck is registered on an existing IRP Account, the cost may be pro-rated based on the renewal date of the account itself.

  • If a truck was purchased over 60 days prior to registration, an additional Green Tax filing will be required, the cost of which is up to $550 annually (+$9.78 processing fee). This filing will be required every year upon renewal of the plate. If Domain Freight assistance is required to obtain 2290, the full cost needs to be paid upfront.

  • If Domain Freight is offering registration assistance, Domain Freight processing fee is $150, which includes all transportation costs and services such as review and preparation of documents and application. Please note that the processing fee may be higher if there are complications with your registration process, such as unpaid tolls or sales tax – in which case the application will be denied by the DMV and another trip will be required once the issues are resolved on your end.


Benefits of having your own IRP Account:

  • With your own IRP Account you are completely independent, and do not rely on the carrier company to provide a plate for your truck. You do not need to get a new plate every time you decide to switch to another company – plate is yours to keep.

Disadvantages of having your own IRP Account:

  • You would need at least $2000 available upfront to cover all registration costs.

  • Registration process may be costly and time-consuming if you are not following all registration requirements and do not have all necessary documents. (However, Domain Freight can offer assistance with registration for a fee of $150).


Benefits of registering your truck under carrier company’s IRP Account:

  • You do not have to pay the full price upfront. We can finance your registration costs, all we require upfront is $500.

Disadvantages of registering your truck under carrier company’s IRP Account:

  • Since the plate is under company’s IRP account, upon termination of your operating agreement with the company, the plate will have to be returned to the carrier and/or will be deactivated.

  • No refunds will be provided for early termination since the state of Florida does not issue refunds on IRP Plates.

  • If Domain Freight plate is not returned upon termination, legal actions may be taken against you.



There are five DMV Divisions in the state of Florida that can process IRP Registration:

Sunshine State Tag Agency

2820 54th Ave S

St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Department of Motor Vehicles

2900 Apalachee Pkwy

Tallahassee, FL 32399

You can register your account by yourself, or use our assistance to process it. If registering by yourself, we highly recommend to go to the DMV in person as it may take 3-8 weeks to get IRP Registration processed online or by mail. 

Required Documents:

In order to register your truck in the state of Florida you will need the following (click on underlined sections to access the required forms, documents or websites):

  • If truck is paid off: Truck title (clear copy, front and back) OR if truck is financed: Florida title transfer receipt

  • If truck is paid off and truck title is out of state, a notarized VIN verification form will be required

  • If truck is financed: copy of full agreement with the finance company

  • If truck was purchased more than 60 days ago: 2290 Green Tax will be required

  • Record Keeping Agreement notarized

  • IRP Account application (Domain Freight will take care of it if you are using our IRP Registration assistance service)

  • Operating agreement with Domain Freight (will be provided by Domain Freight)

  • Proof of commercial liability insurance from Domain Freight (will be provided by Domain Freight upon receipt of down payment)

Additional Documents:

For those registering under their own IRP Account:

If you are using Domain Freight Registration Assistance Service, you will also need to:

  • Get a notarized Power of Attorney for Domain Freight to process IRP Registration

  • Make a payment to Domain Freight (invoice and receipt will be provided, any outstanding balance will be settled on the first week of truck operations).


Morningstar Fleet Services IRP Office

817 N Florida Ave 

Lakeland, FL 33801

Central State Apportioned Tag

1753 US-27

Avon Park, FL 33825

Central State Apportioned Tag

1300 N Federal Hwy Suite 205

Boca Raton, FL 33432

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